About Me

Photo by my wife/photographer  Tricia Marie Bridges

Photo by my wife/photographer Tricia Marie Bridges

Photo by  Jennefer Wilson

About Rowdy

I'm passionate about a lot of things: Jesus, my wife, coffee, photography- just to name a few. I'm a die-hard fan of the Texas Rangers, and think Whataburger is better than In-n-Out. I listen to music about 97% of the time I'm awake; and I love my pup, Mali, probably more than I love most humans.

And before you ask... yes, Rowdy is my real name. :)


How it began

I'm an adventure-seeker. I love mountains, tall trees, rivers, and I'm always down to chase waterfalls! My interest in photography started in 2009, my focus being landscapes, and on capturing the beauty of nature.

Seven years later, that focus has evolved into photographing fellow adventurers, artists, dreamers and romantics in the natural world that surrounds us.  I especially love to shoot people that are fun and loving, a little edgy, and people that aren't afraid to be a little affectionate in front of the camera.  

I like to capture moments- not poses


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